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Typical Dryer Rebuld

Purpose in Paper Production

The dryers serve two critical functions in the paper production process. The dryers will have a great impact on the final moisture content of the paper and will also consist of the greatest energy usage in the paper making process.

  1. Removal of water from the sheet.
  2. Achieve final desired MD & CD sheet moisture profiles while minimizing energy requirements.


  • Drying / Steam System audits
  • Mechanical condition audits
  • Process audits / Trouble shooting
  • PV system audit
  • Potential upgrades – including controls
  • Steam System Audits
  • Bearing housings
  • PV roll center shaft seals
  • Flingers on housings
  • Roll head replacement with improved design
  • Optical alignment of dryer components
  • Runnability enhancements
  • Installation services
  • Installation of capital equipment
  • Roll changes
  • PV roll disassembly/assembly
  • In place journal machining
  • In place dryer drilling and grooving
  • Supervise mill supplied installation crew
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Doctor oscillator & bearing installation
  • Steamfits & Syphon maintenance & installation
  • Spoiler Bar spring replacement & installation

Equipment and Parts

  • Dryer Gear Case Seals
  • Dryer Head Capscrews
  • Rope Sheaves
  • Dryer Gears and Shafts
  • Steamfit Seal Plates
  • Steamfit Carbons
  • Dryer Head Gaskets
  • Rocker Conversion
  • Manhole Covers
  • Manhole Cover Gaskets
  • Steamfit Gaskets
  • Steamfit Bellows
  • Steamfit Springs
  • Insulating Sleeves
  • Syphon Hoppers
  • Chain Stretcher Rebuild
  • Steamfit Syphon Pipes
  • Bearing Housings
    (Slide vs Rocker)
  • Doctor Bearings
  • Guide Valves & Palms
  • Guide Diaphragms
  • Felt Tension Indicator