DeltaPlatform™ Component

IsoFlo-V® Unit


JohnsonFoils’ IsoFlo-V™ is a patented design featuring blades at different heights mounted on a specially designed lovac unit. The vacuum level in the unit is adjusted to pull the fabric down over the lower blades, causing a vertical motion of the fabric and stock, to generate activity.

There are hundreds of successful IsoFlo® installations worldwide with over 60% of US linerboard and nearly 90% of US bleached board grades utilizing IsoFlo® units their machines.

Variable control of activity level at each table location with a simple adjustment of vacuum levels:

  • IsoFlo-V™ can drain large volumes of water, which allows lower headbox consistency
  • Proven track record on many recycle grades and difficult-to-drain furnishes
  • Low vacuum dewatering dramatically improves first pass retention
  • Custom designed systems provide flexibility for applications with a wide range of grades
  • Full Ceramic Support Blades with offered in your choice of ceramic material (Premium Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Nitride)
  • Control (lower) blades are supplied in either Endura UHMW polyethylene or Full Ceramic.

Unit Features

  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • JohnsonFoils patented T-bars mounted on precision machined, full length bearer bars for even dewatering
  • Large bottom discharge ducts with integral seal
  • Designed for high flow rates
  • Adjustable stationary or shake mounts
  • Custom designed for all machine widths and speeds
  • Vacuum/bleed connection on each end
  • 2″ (5.8 mm) bleed valve included
  • 1/2″ (12.07 mm) NPT gage/manometer connection on each end

System Accessories

  • AutoVac® HD-L automatic controller to accurately maintain vacuum levels
  • JohnsonFoils manometer to graphically monitor vacuum levels
  • Air/water separator
  • Blower system with vacuum piping