Pilot Machine Headbox Nozzle


The Headbox serves three important functions in the paper production process. If the Headbox does not perform acceptably in any of these three functions, the quality of the paper produced will be greatly diminished.

  1. Spread the stock evenly along the width of the paper machine.
  2. Accelerate the stock up to the machine operating speed.
  3. Suspend the pulp fibers throughout the outgoing slurry.

The Paperchine Advantage

A properly designed headbox can have a significant effect on key paper qualities and cross machine profiles. Paperchine’s SigmaPro™ family of headboxes offers superior performance for a variety of applications. SigmaPro™ headboxes demonstrate Paperchine’s commitment to continued innovation and engineering excellence. The state of the art technologies incorporated into these headboxes have exhibited some of the best performances in the industry.

Paperchine has not relied on standard technology available in the industry, but rather has continued to develop new concepts to provide value to our customers. These patented technologies allow for custom solutions based upon the individual grade and speed applications. These are available in several combinations of features to ensure the most value to our customers.

Paperchine is also available to provide parts and service to a variety of headboxes globally including mechanical service, audits, and engineering work, including structural and computational flow analysis. We are your single source of custom solutions and service from the headbox to the winder.