SigmaPro™ Headbox

Custom Headbox Approach

The SigmaPro™ headbox family consists of state of the art technologies customized for specific applications for production of paper board and tissue products. Paperchine continues its legacy of innovation and engineering excellence for the most critical components of headbox design: the turbulence generator, nozzle and consistency profiling. This proven technology has been successfully applied to most headbox configurations including gap forming, fourdrinier/hybrid forming and secondary headbox applications.

Headbox Products

Continued innovation has led to a variety of combinations of features to match our customers’ needs and to provide the highest return on investment. These headbox technologies increase our customers’ ability to compete, increasing productivity and sheet quality with the minimum investment due to continued design innovation. The optimum headbox application depends on a variety of factors including grade, speed, configuration, raw material quality and end user requirements.


Maximum Resolution
  • Highest profiling resolutions, best profiles
  • Coated Grades
  • Application on all configurations


High Performance
  • Uncoated publication grades
  • High-end Liner and Medium
  • Application on all configurations


Engineered Convergence
  • Good CD strength characteristics
  • Poor raw material quality liner


Counter Vortex
  • Maximizes CD characteristics
  • Fourdrinier applications