Felt Suction Box & Cover

Felt Suction Box with silicon nitride ceramic cover, lubri-deckles and oscillating fan lubricating shower with brush cleaning feature

Felt Suction Box

Standard Features

  • Extra heavy duty, all 316 stainless steel fabrication eliminates:
    • Thermal distortion
    • Vibration problems
    • Deflection problems
  • Precision machined top surface with JohnsonFoils patented T-bar blade mounts for even, “streak-free” dewatering
  • Removable polyethylene wear strips
  • Exclusive JohnsonFoils lubri-deckle reduces edge wear
  • Easy-clean flush bottom with clean-out port
  • Universal rotational mounting bracket
  • Flanged end outlet

Available Options

  • Ceramic insert wear strips
  • Full ceramic top wear strips
  • “Slip-on” herringbone conversion covers for seamed felts
  • Victaulic or plain outlet
  • Manual or automatic rotating mechanisms
  • Anti-blow box cover designs
  • Mounting brackets with vertical adjustment
  • Center outlet
  • Attached lubricating shower mount bracket
  • Lubricating shower
  • Narrow-land DurLoc® covers for reduced fabric wear

Double-Slot Felt Suction Box Cover (SiC)

Felt Suction Box Cover


  • Felt Suction Box (Uhle Box)
  • Blow Box
  • Steam Box Hivac


  • DurLoc® and Poly Blades for all applications


Standard Available Press Ceramics
  • Silicon Nitride
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Premium Aluminum Oxide
  • Zirconia