Mist Free Cleaning Systems™

Mist Free Cleaning System™


There are many causes of mist and contamination on a paper machine. Fabric cleaning does not have to be one of them. Our cleaning equipment helps your paper machine get cleaner and stay cleaner while creating a safer working environment.

This system effectively cleans either the top or the conveying fabric on twin wire machines and removes the spray and contaminants from the machine area. The result is a clean fabric, a clean machine and a clean building. Applications are also found on felts, multi-fourdrinier machines and flat fourdriniers.


  • Combines fabric cleaning and mist control function into one engineered system
  • Inside and outside high pressure oscillating needle showers improve fabric cleaning
  • Front end of top unit lifts for easy fabric installation
  • Polyethylene T-mounted covers provide suitable running surface for the fabric
  • Boxes and showers are adjustable for fine-tuning
  • Simple retrofit on most existing twin wire formers
  • Efficient low energy blower provides 100% mist removal
  • JohnsonFoils EO-348 Electromechanical Shower Oscillator provides complete cleaning of the fabric surface with precise stepping control and shower coordination
  • Throttle plate permits easy airflow balancing between units
  • Provides a clean, spray-free and much safer environment around the working area
  • Replaces heavy and troublesome existing mist removal systems


  • Brush cleaning is available for both showers to retain efficiency
  • Automatic brush actuators
  • Ceramic blades can be supplied for special applications
  • Blower, separator and piping options are also available