Blades & Covers


JohnsonFoils applies the Engineered Approach to replacing blades and covers by exploring alternative designs to improve your machine's performance. Unique materials and configurations are used to enhance drainage, reduce drag, increase fabric life and reduce your costs. Instead of just replacing your components, we improve them.

Ceramic Blades

Custom Ceramic Covers

Ceramic Agitator Blades

Ceramic Blades

  • Available in Premium Aluminum Oxide, Magenta, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia and Toughened Aluminum Oxide
  • Replacement blades for all standard OEM locations
  • All ceramic blades precision ground and finished

Solid Segmented Ceramic Blades

  • Forming Board and Foil applications
  • Ultra smooth finish on all fabric contact surfaces
  • Computer defined angled joints between segments eliminates streaking
  • Wide variety of stock sizes

Custom Ceramic Covers

  • Engineered for performance and paper making properties
  • Bulit with stainless steel structure for high vacuum stability
  • Designed to fit all OEM or custom structures
  • Patented blade mounting system
  • Available in a wide variety of materials

Foil & Agitator Blades™

  • Agitator Blades™ for stock agitation and controlled drainage
  • All materials are machined to ultra-fine finish to prevent fiber hang-up

PrimePoly Polyethylene

  • We offer blades in PrimePoly Standard, PrimePoly Advanced & PrimePoly Premium polyethylene materials.

Variable Curvature Foil Blade

DuraFoil® Insert Blades

  • PrimePoly Standard blade with Premium Aluminum Oxide Insert segments for improved blade life

Variable Curvature Foil Blades

  • Micro-adjustable Foil angle from 1° to 4° provides "on-the-run" control of drainage and activity
  • Graduated rule for precise repeatable set up
  • Replaceable polyethylene wear surface
  • Reduce foil blade inventory