VIB Systems

Advanced Fluid Systems

Advanced Fluid Systems

As an advanced paper technology provider, Paperchine is pleased to offer the VIB Systems product line. The VIB Systems product lines offer a variety of cost-effective solutions to meet all requirements of the paper industry. The two primary product lines within the VIB Systems brand are the SteamShower and the SprayDampener.

VIB SmoothTech


The primary purpose of the SteamShower product line is moisture profile and quality control through the length of the machine. This product line is intended to provide equipment to control minor variations in the moisture profile and to remove other defects from the paper. The equipment offered can control the edge curl, smoothness, glossness, and moisture profile of the paper at any point throughout the paper run, leading to increased efficiency and reduced waste in both energy and material.


The SprayDampener product line includes equipment with the primary purpose of adding moisture or other fluids to the sheet. Some applications of the equipment in the product line include spray sizing, spray coating and general moisture addition and control.