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Fourdrinier Flat SteamShower

Paper and Board Mills making high-quality paper, need a level sheet moisture profile through the entire length of the machine. Today with SteamTech and its unique steam¬shower technology, superior performance in the moisture profile is achievable. The SteamTechSC (Fourdrinier Flat), a member of the SteamTech Family, is a multi-section steam shower system for the forming section. Our advanced technology provides a high performance reliable steam profiler with zone spacing down to 50 mm. This, along with our long life actuators, provides superior benefits for today's paper makers.

Advanced Profiler Control Systems

The most important properties of a good fourdrinier steamshower are its profiling capability and its ability to raise dry content into the first press. These two properties improve the sheet's cross-directional moisture profile and optimize the paper machine's productivity and runnability. With a SteamTechSC in the forming section, controlling the moisture profile and average moisture level is possible.

Increasing the velocity of the steam jets onto the web eliminates the compromise between production increases and profiling capability. The SteamTechFF has two steam sealing zones to keep steam under the box, providing maximum benefit with minimum steam leakage.

SteamTechSC has a unique diffuser plate with varying spacing in the machine direction to make the profiler more efficient. The profiling zone is fully compartmentalized, supplying high velocity steam to each cross direction compartment via a separate, uniquely designed actuation valve that allows optimum zone definition and precise control. The proprietary design of the converging nozzles generates higher steam velocity to ensure greater steam condensation and thermal transfer into the paper web.

Primary material for SteamTechSC is stainless steel 1.4571 (316 Ti). Special grade stainless steel 1.4539 (904 L) is used against highly corrosive wear at the diffuser plate, edge-heating zones and control lines. Optional Teflon coating is also available for the diffuser plate and edge heating zones for ease of cleaning.

Control StationECS/EMA is a SteamTech Electronic Control Station that manages the control of the individual actuators. Each actuator is controlled with a separate control signal with limit checking. Setpoints are sent from the control station using measurement system data.

Control Station is an integrated process station that serves as the central process point for the system. It contains the integrated MD/CD control, the operator visualization package, discreet functions and the intelligence to manage the total profiler control system.

Benefits to the Paper Industry

  • Increased production and flatter moisture profile can be achieved simultaneously.
  • Narrow spacing of the actuator can be defined based on the desired profiling effect.
  • Optional feedback of the actuator position ensures reliable functioning of the SteamTech Profiler.
  • Provides better edge performance for improved reel building.
  • CD moisture 2-sigma improvement of 50 %, with profile correction of 3 %.
  • Dryness increase of 2 - 3 % after press.
  • Production increase of 6 – 10 %.
  • Improved runnability is achieved with a uniform web tension profile.
  • Efficiency increase of the total production line with integrated moisture control of 1-2%

Technical Features

  • Three separate zones in the machine direction.
  • Integrated CD and MD control including discreet functionalities (interlocks, loops).
  • Profiling zone spacing down to 50 mm means high profiling capability.
  • Rigid construction, material 316 Ti.
  • LAN or Serial Link communications for connection to the measurement system.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless Steel
    Primary 1.4571 (316 Ti)
    1.4539 (904 L) used for high corrosive areas (diffuser plate, edge heaters, control lines
  • Actuator Spacing
    50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
  • Zone Definition
    Complete welded separate zones with high velocity steam for precise zone definition
  • Retraction
    Custom stainless steel retraction systems for fourdrinier applications


  • Teflon coating for diffuser plate
  • Removable diffuser plate
  • Steam supply engineering
  • PosiTrak position feedback
  • Turnkey installation