Winder Rebuild


Paper isn't generally sold by the jumbo, it must be scaled down. The winder is used to process these jumbos into manageable and sellable products. The winder is an off-machine operation and is not a part of the paper making process. Rather, it is the the start of the converting process. To sum things up, the winder processes parent reels into sellable products.

Services Available

  • New Equipment and Rebuilds

    Paperchine is a manufacturer of new equipment as well as rebuilding of existing winders and unwinds ranging from narrow converting winders to full-width paper machine winders for any paper grade.

  • Winder Rebuilds

    Rebuilds of winders are provided to ensure safe operating conditions, increased capacity, added automation, elimination of obsolete components or systems, improved runability, reduced maintenance, and decreased finished roll defects.

  • On-Site Service

    On-Site Services are provided for: troubleshooting, technical supervision, training, and audit inspections. Installation supervision for new equipment or rebuilds; Winder audits are performed to identify areas of improvement, such as: Safety, Capacity, and Condition.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts are provided for all Paperchine winders and rebuilds, plus many components for other manufacturers' winders.

Products Available

  • New Two Drum Winders

    Paper machine production, finishing room rewinders, and convertor duty.

  • New Unwinds

    For spools or cores.

  • Complete Winder Rebuilds

    Engineering Design and Mechanical, Electrical, and Controls (hardware & programming).

  • Safety Rebuilds

    From complete winder safety upgrades to new component integration.

  • Shaftless Winding Conversions

    From shaft clamps to electro-mechanical core chuck assemblies.

  • Direct Acting Rider Roll Relieving

    From counter-weighted or pneumatic with chains and sprockets to direct-connected hydraulic cylinders and programmable relief curves.

  • Spreading

    Replacing D-Bar spreaders with spreading roll(s) or single roll spreaders with dual roll spreaders.

  • Slitting (New or Rebuilt)

    From horizontal to vertical and/or manual slitter positioning to automatic.

  • Tension Control Systems

    From manual to electric load cell measurement and control, and from unwind tensioning brake to regenerative A/C drive.

  • Winder HMI

    (Human-Machine-Interface) operating system with display screens replacing manual or obsolete systems.

  • Winder Automation
    Set Change
    • Cut-off knife
    • Vacuum rear drum
    • Core taping or gluing
    • Core loading
    • Core feeding systems
    • Automatic core chuck positioning
    Reel Change
    • In-feed rails
    • Empty reel spool kick out
    • Storage rails
    • Empty reel spool life out
    • Overhead storage rails
    Slitter Automatic Positioning*
    • Component upgrades
    • Complete new slitter sections

      *where slitters are electro/mechanically positioned to preprogrammed trim patterns.