Maintenance Service

Proper papermachine upkeep involves preventative, routine maintenance service as well as specialized maintenance service for certain sections of the machine. Paperchine continues to develop capabilities in all areas to help you maximize the value of your machinery. Our mechanical and maintenance service personnel are papermachine experts who have developed their expertise working specifically in the paper industry on all OEM machines.

Maintenance service technicians are available globally to assist with sectional mechanical tune-ups, refurbishment and alignments from the headbox to the reel, installation of any OEM equipment, mechanical and process audits, as well as optimization services and project management. Our field-based team is ready to assist with emergency response and can provide short notice outage support. We are your single source for service expertise, project management and custom rebuild solutions.


  • Replace seals and cartridges
  • Motor and gear box changeouts
  • Shower changeout and repairs
  • Adjustments to all components

Forming Section

  • Roll Changes
  • Bearing changes
  • Doctor blade assembly replacements
  • Wire guides replacements/repairs
  • Motors & gear box

Press Section

  • Roll changes
  • Motor and gear boxes maintenance
  • Air bellow replacement & repair
  • Felt stretches and guide replacement & repair
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Doctor blade assemblies
  • Shower repair & replacement
  • Couplings inspections

Dryer Section

  • Gears removal and install
  • Bearings on dryers and felt rolls
  • Steam joint maintenance
  • Spoiler bar maintenance
  • Internal inspections & repairs
  • In-place machining of dryer journals and gear cases
  • Felt roll removal and installations
  • Blow boxes repair and changeout
  • Dryer head gaskets in place
  • Dryer head changeout in place
  • Dryer head bolt replacement
  • Rope threading repairs and install
  • Changeout clutches

Size Press/Coaters

  • Roll changeouts
  • Air Bellows replacement
  • Motors, gear boxes & drive shafts


  • Roll changes and bearings
  • Doctor blade repair and replace
  • Air bellow replacement
  • Nip relievers, pins and bushings
  • Motor, gear boxes & drive shafts


  • Bearing replacement
  • Doctor blade repair and replacement
  • Starter motors for reel spools


  • Slitter Roll Rebuild and replacement
  • Replacement of Threaders & Knives
  • Changeout bowed rolls
  • Core chucks and rolls replacement/repairs
  • Changeout and repair core loaders
  • Changeout rider rolls and rails
  • Changeout cradle & barriers


  • Changeout slat conveyors and repairs
  • Repair and changeout upenders
  • Change and repair crimpers
  • Change and repair roll index
  • Repair and changeout positioners

Stock Prep

  • Repair and changeout all types of agitators
  • Changeout gear boxes and motors
  • Changeout sole plates
  • Changeout rotors and extraction plates
  • Repair bird screen
  • Replace all types of pumps
  • Repair Impregnators
  • Changeout conveyors and chains
  • Changeout valves
  • Changeout vacuum pumps and bearings
  • Changeout pump bases
  • Service primary and secondary screens

Ancillary Services

  • Service all Fans and Blowers of all types
  • Coupling inspections
  • Line shaft bearing, cone pulley and clutch maintenance

Additional Services

  • In place machine Services:
    • Journal Squirrel
    • Boreing
    • Milling
    • Key Cutting
    • Flange Facing
  • Optical Alignment of entire machine:
    • Laser Tracker
    • Total Station
  • Shaft to shaft laser alignment
  • Belt sheave laser alignment